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“Success often finds those who are too engrossed in their work to actively seek it.”

Begin your success journey with eShopping Online. With us, you can kickstart your e-commerce business in Pakistan without any initial investment. Simply focus on receiving and processing orders, while we handle the fulfillment process for you.

Location: You can find us at our address in Kharadar, Karachi, Pakistan.

eShopping Online Operation Guide



Create an account on eShopping Online using accurate personal information.


Product Setup

Copy our products to your store or page and set the prices, including your desired profit margin.


Order Placement

When you receive an order, place it on our website while considering your profit.


Order Fulfillment

We will process and fulfill the order on your behalf, and the profit will be added to your account wallet.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Which couriers do you use for shipping?

    We utilize multiple couriers, including TCS, Leopard, Rider, and M&P. We make the courier selection based on our analysis of which one is the most suitable for the destination city. Customers do not have the option to choose the courier themselves.

    What are your service charges?

    Since we offer products at wholesale prices, we apply a 10% service fee, which is added to your invoice during the checkout process. This service charge covers the fulfillment services we provide.

    How are parcels packaged?

    We ensure that parcels are appropriately packaged to protect the contents during transit and minimize the risk of damage.

    What happens if the delivery is unsuccessful and the customer refuses the parcel?

    If a delivery attempt fails and the parcel is returned to us, we will only deduct the delivery charges (i.e., 250 Rs) from your profit.

    What if the courier provides a fake reason for rebooking parcels?

    If the courier provides a false reason for rebooking parcels, we offer free rebooking of the parcels to ensure the successful delivery.

    Will we receive our profits? If so, when?

    As we are a new startup, certain processes are not yet automated, and some tasks are performed manually. Therefore, we have a payout cycle of 15 days.